Your Safety

Customers Safety and Security is One of our major Objectives and Priorities, In Short We are Here Because of you, We have been in business for over 6 years, and never once have we heard that client ever had a legal problem due to ordering from us. We work hard to ensure your safety during and after purchasing from us. All information is secured and never shared,

NB; We allow customer to give Us special instructions on how they want their orders to be Packaged, Shipped and Delivered or Dropped off.


we guarantee that all products we send are premium Organic quality(Top Shelf,Loud,Gas gas,Yummy ): clean, tasty and potent with high THC levels.


we guarantee that all orders are shipped securely and discreetly. well taken care of by Specialised and Professionalised Personnels, customised packages ( diplomatic sealed ) double seal each package using plastic glass papers five times and after the second layer we spray a disinfectant spray before I close the third hd protective envelope. And some alcohol robbed on it to eliminate smell (100% working). Not easily identified and unlabelled

Delivery Time

we send virtually all orders via Discreet Shipping Agencies Immediately as we confirm payment .Customer Receive orders within 1-5 days business of our receiving payments .Occasionally shipping will take a few days longer due to Customers location or other factors .It may also take a few days longer for mail delivery if you live in a rural area..